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Registration issues resolved

It appears email registration process is now working correctly. If you continue to have regirstration issues please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Looking for a Team or player?


Please look at our team / player search section if you need to find a team or add players for you organization.

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Welcome to arkansassoftball.org.

The  latest Fastpitch softball information all in a centralized and easy to find.

*****Notice some layout problems with IE6.  We are working to resolve the issue.  This site is best view with Firefox.  You can  download Firefox at http://www.firefox.com or IE 7.

  • Team / Player Search: Teams looking for players and players looking for teams can post in this area.   Postings can be sorted by City, Age, etc. *Must be registered to view contact information listed here
  • Team Section : Registered coaches can post information about their team, news, or contact information. Search ASA. USSSA, USFA site for registered teams and standings
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Bat Rolling is it Legal?


Bat Rolling is a practice where bat is put under pressure between two rollers to break composite fibers which gives a composite bat more of a trampoline effect. According to ASA rules bat rolling or any other method to artificially break fibers of composite bat is bat altering and is ABSOLUTELY ILLEGAL in all ASA play.

Many websites claim that Bat Rolling is undetectable; however, THIS IS FALSE!!!!  ASA has teamed up with Easton to develop a Portable Bat compression test.